Are homeopathic medicine and a vegan diet recommended for babies?

Are homeopathic medicine and a vegan diet recommended for babies?

Created by beth29
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Yes, it's always good to start them young. And there are so many benefits to these things.
No, I don't think there have been enough studies regarding the effects of alternative medicines and a restrictive diet on babies.
I'm not sure. (I have a comment below.)
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Though going green and healthy is all de rigeur, is it recommended to do it for babies and very young children? When the parents believe in natural, alternative medicine, is it all right to ignore a doctor’s recommendation for an xray and medication? And instead, turn to garlic and other homeopathic remedies. It may seem like such a good time to instill the belief to avoid what is chemical, but can we really risk their health of these growing kids?

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